Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jennifer's Monster Fluffie

At Monster Fluff Studio, we typically have a FFS Lotto pretty often. Just about every time we stock we are giving away something! The great thing is that it's free to enter and it gets our fluff into your hands! We like being able to give away free stuff! It's just fun!

Jennifer was the lucky winner of our Custom Monster Fluffie, which means she got to design one herself! We have quite a few moms that give us free range to design their fluff, and Jennifer was one of them! She simply wanted a boyish Milo Monster Fluffie. Easy enough!

Mom designed this fluffie and I gotta tell you... this is probably one of my absolute favorites so far! I love Heather Ross's "Bubbles" fabric! And with Milo in brown and orange, it just matches up perfectly with the little fishies!

This fluffy goodness is going out in the mail today! Hope you enjoy Jennifer! =o)

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