Friday, April 3, 2009

Meet the Monsters!


I've had quite a few moms looking to browse through our embroidery selection, and I'm finally biting the bullet and transferring all the images to our Photobucket. Please bear with me, I'm about halfway through transferring! If you have any questions about the embroideries themselves, just let me know. Some of the embroideries are very small and I will be labeling them as such. You can click on our "Embroidery Selection" link to go directly to the album!

I also wanted to introduce everyone to the actual monsters we use! They all have names!









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Anonymous said...

I just ran across your websites today for the first time. I assume you all are "Message people". To be honest, I was shocked by all the monsters embroidered on your products. I am not a mother (yet). Lord willing, I would sort-of like to be married and have children someday. Although, to be completely honest, I see so much sin and evil in today's society, and I almost feel this world is not worthy of my little ones. If I ever get married and have children, I would definately not allow them to wear monster clothing or play with monster toys. My dad never allowed me to play with scary-looking toys. I remember being a young child, and at a Christmas gathering, a relative, (who was a denominational Christian), gave me a storybook that had scary pictures. My dad, who has since gone on to Glory, would not let me take the book home. I guess maybe it is really none of my business what other people do. I realize that I am getting older, and the young mothers and dads today probably allow their children to participate in a lot of activities that I would find "questionable", at best. I just find it sad to think that the "Message people" of today think it is OK to let their kids wear and play with monsters. Like I say, I am older, but I personally thought your monsters resemble the devil and evil spirits. Maybe you could pray about this. God bless you.