Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time...!

Hope everyone's holidays are going swimmingly and stress-free! lol So we've been busy trying to finish up a few custom orders for Christmas. I hope these orders find their way to the customers' doors in time for the paper-ripping gift exchange!

Among these last minute orders we put together an absolute adorable blanket! Totally custom and a wonderful idea for her son! We took inspiration from Heather Ross's VW Vans print! I can tell you now..this stuff has skyrocketed in price since being discontinued! It's an adorable print and we matched it up on Light Blue Minkee with an orange embroidered VW bug. The binding is black and we added coordinating ribbon. Let me tell you... I had a hard time seeing this one go. I really wanted to keep it for my little guy!

For those who still have orders with me, I'll be trying to finished them up and have them out by the middle of next week. Thank you all for your patience during this busy time! I'm hoping we all have a wonderful time with our families and enjoy the spirit of the holiday! Don't forget the reason for the season! Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Amber...we received the VW blanket in the mail today and it is absolutely beautiful! I am so excited to give it to my son on Christmas morning. This will truly be something my little guy can cherish forever. Thank you so much for all your hard are awesome!

Monster Fluff Studio said...

Yay! Thank you Jennifer! I hope he loves it! =o)